Thursday, April 23, 2015


I was on Pinterest, clicking on pins about homesteading and reading about whatever the pin was about on its website, when suddenly I hear a soft, "Ding" sound. My iPad Mini.

I looked at it and this is what it showed:

Yeah, I may be a little excited about Rolex. :) But when I saw it, I sort of laughed and thought, "Like I needed a reminder..."

Anyway, that was random. 
Today is Thursday, so I'm going to do a Throwback Thursday: 

This was in 2012, and the owner of the horse barn I was going to asked me if I wanted to ride in the parade that was happening in town (even though I wasn't even apart of the Equestrian Team. I just went to the barn whenever I wanted and rode by myself) and I agreed. I was a little nervous because there were loud trucks and some rude people honked their loud car horns at us for fun. (Which was really frustrating, because the horses were already stressed. It was a group of teen boys I think. Go figure.)
I was really proud of "my" horse, Spangles, because he spooked at one of the cars, but he seriously put his trust in me and let me calm him down and take full control over him. He didn't spook again after that. 
At one point, I got a little nervous though, because the horse owner told everyone to stop our horses for a minute, because one of the girls fell off when her horse spooked! 
The whole ride was a really cool thing to experience (even though it was a little cold), and I had one little girl on the side see me and Spangles and she started saying (in a very excited tone): "Spangles! Spangles!" It was cute, and it made me really happy to be riding him. :D 

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