Wednesday, September 2, 2015


It is September already, and the weather has already changed in Washington from shorts and tank top weather to jeans and jacket weather.
It's almost time to for making fall decor, wearing fuzzy socks or warm sweaters, carving pumpkins, drinking hot drinks, turning on the fire place and so on. 

We're getting into my favorite part of the year: 
Fall, Thanksgiving, and December. 

Fall; because of all the decor, the weather, the smell of fall, and Halloween.

Thanksgiving; because I love the rush of making loads of food and spending time with family, and having our friends over for desert. (And dancing!) 

December; because of all the Christmas festivities with friends and family, and it seems like everyone in town is nicer during Christmas season. :) Oh, yeah! And because it's the only month in the year  where you can wear a goofy, floppy Santa hat in town. :D 

Anyway, right now the weather is AWESOME. Windy, but awesome. 
It was a little cold when I went to the barn at 8:45 this morning, but not too bad. 

Oh, and speaking of the barn, my friend, Sarah, is boarding her horse 3 minutes away from my house and she is letting me go with her to work with her horse, Scarlett. 
Last time I went, I just lunged her, but today we did "join up" and Sarah let me ride Scarlett. 
I haven't ridden in a year, so it felt nice getting back in minus the saddle. I rode with the bareback saddle. :) 
When I first got on I thought I'd just walk around, but then I wanted to trot, and that was fun! 

Here's a video: (In the middle of it I say, "Oh! Bone-y!" That's because I accidentally slid up too far and bounced onto Scarlett's withers.) 

 Please excuse my equitation. lol! :) ^^

Random fact: Right now I have our cat, Sophie, on my lap and he (yes, Sophie is a boy) is really warm, and he's shedding like crazy. I'm considering whether or not to use the vacuum on him. heh heh! :) 

Alrighty, that's all I have for today, but with fall and the holidays coming soon, I will be righting more regularly. :) yay! 

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  1. I know, the weather is awesome! Fall and winter are my favorite time of the year too :) Beanie and sweater weather!

    I'm so glad you got to ride Scarlett! :D

    yay, more posts! :D And this time I should know when you post cause I am actually following it now.



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