Saturday, August 22, 2015


One day (when I get money), I'm going to start a big project.

I'm going to redo my room.

See, my sister and I switched rooms for a little over a month, then we switched back...but I didn't put anything back on my walls.  I actually like having nothing on the walls because it makes it more spacious and I feel like I can breathe. But! I think it's time for me to spice things up, and plus I want a big project to work on. :)

So, here is what I'm thinking of:

1. These shelves. I want to make these shelves for one wall and add....

flowers in a cute container like this:

2. On the wall, where my bed is, I want it to look like this:  (Birds, pictures, and twinkle lights)

I don't want the dream catcher on my wall though. :)

About the twinkle lights...I can't decide if I want them beside my bed like the picture above or on my ceiling. I'm leaning towards them being on the ceiling so I can get rid of my lamp...which I hate...I have no idea how I even ended up with that lamp!

Maybe like this or differently:

3. On my big wall, I want a big quote on it:

something like this: \/ \/....

and a Last of Us poster:
I can't decide which poster I want more...The first one has the main characters on it, but the second one is, like, my favorite part of the game! :) :) 

4. As my light switch, I really want this one:  (So, I might make one) :) :) 

Things I need to buy: 

-Pictures for my wall.
-Twinkle lights.
- Last of Us posters.

Things I need to build: 

-Triangle shelves.
-Light switch. 

Things to do before starting the project:

-Take before pictures of my room. 
-Clean room (Wash my walls, sweep my ceiling, dust my furniture, etc).
-Cut, sand down, and stain my wood. 

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