Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This August has been really busy and super fast.

July 31st my sister, Ashley, and brother in-law, Matt (we call him Big Matt), arrived from Georgia. They came to our film set to see us and our friends film some of our LCC XIII entry.
And thus began the week with them. :)

August 1st-- we celebrated Morgan's birthday (her birthday is the 2nd) with our friends and with Big Matt and Ashley at Deep Lake.

August 2nd- Morgan's birthday. We didn't do much because, like I said, we celebrated it at the lake. She opened her gifts and cards and then went out with Ashley.

August 3rd- We woke up at 8 and everyone got ready to leave. Mom and dad went to go pick up a rental car (8 seat suburban van), then we left at 9 for our 3 and a half hour trip to Astoria, Oregon. Ashley made a playlist of a bunch of songs and we listened to them the whole trip down to Astoria.
When we arrived at Astoria, we walked around the town, watched the handful of sea lions that were on the docks, then we left to drive down to Cannon Beach. We went into a book store, then bought taffy at a candy store.
Later we walked to the beach.
Astoria, Oregon

Ashley's handiwork 
Morgan (left) and me in the FREEZING water.
I stayed in longest, jumping the waves (which soaked my shorts) and collecting any shells I could find.

Haystack Rock

Some of the things I found on the beach...well, Big Matt found the crab leg.

These pictures were taken by mom with her iPhone. :) 

I videoed our day, which I'm not done editing yet. But I'll post it soon. :) 

After staying at the beach, we ate at Tom's Fish and Chips, then drove home (which seemed liked the longest trip ever!) ;) ;P 

August 4th- Dad and Big Matt went golfing, and the rest of us did something...I can't remember. :( 

August 5th- We left the house at 9am, and drove to Seattle with Ashley's playlist playing. :) 
In Seattle we walked around Pike Place Market, ate sub sandwiches at the Three Sister's Cafe (which didn't taste the greatest, sadly). Next, we walked down to the dock by the Seattle Aquarium to just enjoy the scenery. Finally, we went home and chilled out. 

Leaving for Seattle

Me and Ashley

On the Dock

That moment when you're taller than one of your sisters, and almost as tall as your other two that are in their 20s. ;) ;P haha!

Two more notes about that day:

1. There was a guy that walked up to a police man who was standing right beside a sign for Pike Place Market. The guy asked the police, "Is this Pike Place Market?"   Hahaha! Wow. ;P :) ;)

2. I have videos of this day, too! :)  But again, I'm not done editing it.

August 6th- Our last day with Ashley and Big Matt.
Me, Morgan, Mom, Yuliya, and Ashley went to the library, and we visited in Starbucks for a little while.
(I got a Hazelnut Iced Latte, just in case you wanted to know!;P)

That night we did a few other things with them, watched the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. We started watching it with Big Matt last time they visited in March, but never finished it.

That night we said our goodbyes and all prayed for a safe flight to Georgia.
Then we went to bed. They had to leave the house at 4AM to get to the airport.

August 7th and 8th- my lounge around days. It felt weird doing nothing because all July we were working on LCC stuff, filmed three days in a row (7am to 5pm every day), and then Ashley and Matt visited.

August 9th-
We filmed more of our LCC entry, but it was not like any of the other days of shooting....we had a car on a trailer.  Josiah (one of our friends) was strapped to the front of it with the camera strapped to him while me (Assistant Director), Noah (Director), Faith (P.A), and Max rode in the back of the truck watching the scene. Oh, yeah, we were driving on the road while Josiah was strapped to the front! :) That was interesting to watch/be a part of!

Micah, Me, Noah, and Josiah.

Me (I'm not in the shot, but I'm there), Noah, Max, Faith, Josiah, and with  Lizzy "driving."
We're driving on the road here...and we weren't going very slow. 
This was supposed to be the last scene of our LCC entry. However, after we watched what had been edited so far, we decided that we needed more shots. So this weekend we'll be filming more.

August 10th- We filmed a very short, goofy movie with our friends, Callah, Sarah, Anna, and Daniel. It involved me wearing a mustache, which I wanted to do. And I made up all of my lines on the fly. ;)

Doctor Copper (me) and Professor Jones (Matt) 

And yesterday.....honestly, I don't really remember yesterday except that I learned about tractors and what a windrower does, and I watched THIS VIDEO on balers. :) :)
I really like that video...I find it really interesting! :D
In case you're wondering why I was learning about all that, ^^ I want to own a ranch/farm one day, so I'm studying about stuff I'll need on a farm. :D

Today: I have just worked on a few projects, like, writing this blog post. Heh heh...yeahhhhhhhhhhh, it's taken me quite a few hours...I've been really distracted making meals, listening to country music, helping my sisters, Facebook, Pinterest, and just dancing around like a weird-y. :D

So, what's going on in my family at the moment, is eating healthier and eating as little sugar as possible.
And I've been drinking more water (with lemon because it's good for you).

Okay, last note before I finish this blog post:





  1. Gah, I love how long and detailed this post was. XD I really enjoy reading about people's lives.

    And I seriously want to be strapped to the front of a car now. That honestly looks like soooo much fun. Kinda reminds me of how I wanted to fly through a hanger and be dragged along the floor after watching all the BTS of Into Darkness. XD

    And those boots are FABULOUS! I seriously need some real boots for around the barn. XD

    1. I'm glad you liked it! :)

      Lol! Well, Josiah said it made him a little sick because he could feel every bounce in the road, but it still looked really fun!



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