Saturday, July 18, 2015



                                             Hot summer nights, mid July
                          When you and I were forever wild
                             The crazy days, city lights

                                                    -Young and Beautiful 

This summer has been a whirlwind of working on two film projects (One which is about to be filmed, and the other is in the process of having a script written), 10 am Starbucks frappes, a movie night with friends (which involved lots of popcorn and cookies), grandparents visiting from Georgia, a trip to Mt. Rainier, having what we think was Pneumonia (But I never actually went to the doctor to get tested), McDonald's dipped cones, dandelion chains (I made the boys wear them ;)), going to sleep to the sound of fireworks (earlier this month, of course), meeting weekly with a group of our friends to help one of our friends with her sci-fi story, swimming at Deep Lake, trying to work on my stories, late night Facebook sticker wars with my sister, Morgan, playing video games (by myself, because I prefer single player games), starting and finishing a tv series, and of taking care of our neighbor's cats, dog, garden, and flowers.  

And the rest of this month, we'll practically be living at our friends' house because with each day, shooting day for our movie is coming closer and we've got to practice everyday, go location scouting again, and so on. From morning to dinner everyday, pretty much. :) 

At the end of this month, my sister and my brother in-law (who live in Georgia) are coming up here to visit  (they'll be here July 30th, and will be staying a week), and then....

It's August. 

I can't believe it's almost August already, but anyway;

Next month I hope we'll be able to do more fun summer things. (I wrote a long list last night that I think is doable) :)

  • Camping with the family (I don't know where yet, but I was hoping up at Mt. Rainier. ;)) 
  • Hiking some new trails (sorry, Deep Lake... but I can only walk you so many times) ;) 
  • Shopping with friends. (Callah, we need new know it) ;) ;) 
  • Baking with Callah (It's sort of a thing Callah, my friend, and I did when she came to my house in GA) 
  • Work more on some photography {I don't know what kind of photography I want to do yet, though} 

And that's just a few things on the list! :) 

                                                           ◄Lauryn G►

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