Friday, July 10, 2015


This July's likes, wants, things I'm learning, and projects I want to do.

July's music:

Today, I discovered this song and love it! 
This is the remix, but I love both the original and remix...maybe the remix a little more because it makes me want to do a hip hop dance. ;) 

July's wants: 

This video game. It's sooooooo good! One of our friends let us kids come to her house every week and she played it for us! 
We loved it, and now we all want a PS4 to own it ourselves. 
Which, is July's next want.

Yup. I want one. I wish Skyrim was on PS4, but it's not, only PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (which Matt/I own). 

I really want one of these! They're really cool! :) :)

And last but not least, this T-shirt: 

 I must own it!!! :D :D 

So, that's what I've wanted this July so far, now for THINGS I AM LEARNING. CURRENTLY. 

Our grandparents have been here visiting Washington/us this week, so I haven't been working on a lot of projects, except for:

Learning The Last of Us theme song on piano with this video:


Buuuutttt. here's the real theme song which you must hear!! :D 


That's all I have for today! :) 


If you are thinking about looking up what The Last of Us is, warning, it is very violent and language-y so, I DO NOT suggest watching the game trailer or really looking up pictures if you are not into heavy violence and language. 
That's all. Goodbye! 


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