Monday, June 22, 2015


I do not own this picture. 

Traveling is a big dream of mine. I want to travel, like, everywhere. 
I have traveled to Michigan from GA a few times (my dad's parents are there), I flew to Ukraine (for adopting my sister), and of course we traveled across America to move to Washington. 

Now, I liked traveling across the country, but it wasn't like a fun summer roadtrip. We were leaving our home in GA...the home I had lived in my whole life. Of course we were sad and missing people on the trip.... But I still enjoyed it. We saw some pretty cool and weird things. (Like the random carving of President Lincoln's head on a random dirt the middle of nowhere). 

Anyway, I REALLY want to take the long roadtrip down Highway 1.

I do not own this picture

I really want to go to California and see the Pacific Northwest Coast, so going on Highway 1 would be awesome!
Maybe I can convince the family to go on the trip...I doubt I'll be successful though. :(
Even if we can't take a California trip this summer, I still will be traveling (via airplane) in December! :) :)
We are all flying to GA for a week (and 3 days) to visit!!
I have been refraining myself from already making a packing list and planning things. :)

This is what I hope my future will look like one day:


Or siblings!! 

Where do you wish you could travel to?

                                                                        ◄Lauryn G►


  1. Traveling is a big dream of mine too! I have so many specific places I want to visit for specific reasons, though I want to go almost anywhere. I'd say my list is:

    England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Iceland, German, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Norway, Belgium, and all 50 states in the US. I'm probably forgetting a few, but those are some of the main places I'd like to go. Oh, and Japan, to see where my dad grew up. The food difference would be hard (I am far from an adventurous eater) but I'd still love to see it someday.

    I love that last picture though, and it's something I seriously want to do. My hope is that sometime in my early twenties I can do as much world traveling as humanly possible, before settling down and starting my business. But that probably wont be as successful as I'm hoping.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Alina! :)

      Yeah, the different food will be a challenge, but I guess that's all part of the fun of traveling. Trying new things.

      PS- I hope you will be able to successfully start your business and achieve any other dreams you have!

      ~~Happy Monday!



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