Friday, December 11, 2015

Last day in GA

Today is our last full day in GA. We'll be waking up at 3AM tomorrow morning, and heading to the airport.
This whole time since we got here, we have been going, going, going. From visiting people we use to know, to buying and decorating Christmas trees, to having Christmas dinners, to visiting old places we loved...including our old house. 

The person who owns our old house is a really nice lady, and she let us walk around the property and then she showed us all the work they have done inside the house and the little cabin we owned. 

The house is really different inside. They've repainted all the walls upstairs, replaced bathroom sinks and light fixtures, they fixed the broken window in the room Yul and I use to share, and they changed the closet up, and so on. 
The basement looked the same, except that is was empty and clean and they added one shelf on one wall and a new water heater. 
When we got to the basement I immediately went to the back to my room. (The one I only lived in for two months before moving to WA.) 
It was exactly the same. I was so glad they didn't change it. I actually teared up when I walked in because I have missed that room so much. I walked up to the middle of the room and tons of memories went through my mind; Harry Potter marathon with Callah, nights when I sat on my bed playing guitar and writing songs, me eating crackers while watching movies at night, and so on. 

I put a lot of work in that room. It was a stinky room that had mold and rat poison in it, and a ton of boxes full of costumes and fabric were there too, before I turned it into a clean and cozy room. 

It wasn't the same seeing where we use to live, and all the other places. It didn't have the "home-sweet-home" feeling, like I thought being in GA might have.
Actually, I kept thinking about WA, and all the people I know in it.

I'm just going to say this; the trip has been fun, but I want WA.

Washington is home. 💜💚

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