Thursday, February 11, 2016

In which I have teddy bear bros

I thought it would be fun to write a Then vs. Now post about my old rooms vs. my new room.

So, this photo was taken in 2012 when I shared a room with Yuliya.

Back then I had so much clutter on my walls, on my window, on my bed and on my floor...yeah, I was a messy little thing. 
I had stuffed animals crammed in all the nooks and crannies of the room, and I had clothes everywhere! 
I don't know how Yuliya put up with my junk, because she likes things to always be clean. 

This clean of a room was a rare sight. 

Uggggghhhh, all that clutter on the walls! *Screams internally* 

Back then I loved cutting pictures out of my horse magazines and tacking them to my wall. 

I also crammed things under my bed, however in this photo you can't really see anything. 

In 2014, before we moved to WA, I moved down to the basement and I threw a lot of my posters and junk away. I put all of my stuffed animals except two or three into a bag and threw them into the "yard sale" pile. 

However, I still hung stuff on my walls, but not even close to how much I have hanging on my wall in the picture above. 

basement room and a messy bed.

A week or two before moving to WA.

Other than my bed being messy, I always kept my basement room clean. If I ever put junk on my floor, it was cleaned up ASAP. 

A week before we moved to WA, we cleaned our basement and I cleared out my room. I filled up three full trash bags. Of papers and drawings. Yikes. 
I crammed all my clothes and everything into three normal sized boxes and then put my small trinkets into two tiny boxes. 

When we moved, I unpacked one box (which was all my clothes) and left the other two boxed up. I still have those boxes boxed up. :) 

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my WA room when we first moved here, but I have two of when it was the Christmas season in 2014. 

See, less and less stuff.

My Christmas lights Christmas tree. Lol, and my pants hanging on my footboard.  

My room has been rearranged multiple times since we moved here, and I actually switched rooms with Yuliya last summer, then we switched back.  

When we switched back, I was really lazy and didn't want to hang my stuff on the walls, so I only hung my calendar and a poster or two up. 
I realized that I really liked having less stuff on my walls, so I left it like that. Then I wanted less, so I moved my dresser into my closet, which made my room a lot opener. 
And my family was like, "Your room looks a little bare, but if you like it...." 

The other day, I was getting really bored with my room and decided to rearrange it in a way I hadn't done yet, so I opened my Pandora app to get my tunes playing, then I got to work. I cleared the stuff off my walls, cleaned my floor, moved my bed, washed my sheets, got rid of my lamp that I've always hated (I dunno even know how I ended up with it in the first place), and got rid of of the stand that my fish tank was sitting on and used my mini bookshelf to put his tank on, then I started on "decorating" my walls. 

After Christmas, Walmart had all of their long, white Christmas lights on sale (I bought three packs for a dollar!), so I used them for my room. 

I am not quite finished with my room yet. Or maybe I am. It depends on whether or not I want to add more in my room. I like it empty.

*Sigh* my comforter is not covering my box spring. Ugh. 

The Christmas lights go around my entire room, and other than my calendar, there is nothing on my walls. 

Yesterday Matt said, "I like your room...It's empty, but I like it." 

So, I guess you can say I have become a bit of a minimalist. ;)

I wish I had more new pictures of my room, because it looks SUPER pretty when the sun is shining through the window, but my room is messy. I haven't been able to clean it recently because I have a fever and sinus nonsense going on right now. Ugh. 

So, my friends, that was the transformation of my room(s), I hope you enjoyed reading! :)

Oh! I two more things to add, but not about room stuff.

1. I was on Spotify a few days ago and wanted to see if Rachel Platten's new album was up yet, and it was. So, the first song I listened to, was called "Beating me up."


Even though I can't really relate to this song, I really like it because for some reason it gives me the nostalgic feeling of 2012 and 2013 summer. There were some really, really good memories during both of those summers. :)

Here's the link to it if you would like to listen to it.

2. Valentine's Day is in three days!
I kind of keep forgetting that it's almost here because it seems less of a big deal this year. Like, I haven't heard any talk about it, haven't gotten ANY Valentine's Day ads online, nobody's been pinning Valentine's stuff on Pinterest, and I haven't seen a lot of decor in stores either...except for Target. Target has a big corner of the store that is for Valentine's decorations. Or decoration for what ever holiday it is during the year.

Target has some really "nice" bears that "invite" people to sit with them!

The real story:


There were two teddy bears on the ground and two on the shelf, and the two on the shelf had a perfect gap between them. So, while Morgan was taking her time admiring something, I chilled with the bears. ;)

Morgan turned around to what you see in the picture, and started laughing. "Lauryn!"

One of our friends couldn't believe I did that in public, when we told him.

And I shrugged and was like, "Who cares? I was having fun!"

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