Sunday, May 17, 2015

First edited photos

"They're sitting in the vase but now they're dead, dead flowers."~Miranda Lambert: Dead Flowers  

While taking this \/ \/ picture that was the song going through my mind. lol. :) 

Anyway, so this week I've been sick (I have a cold/fever) and haven't been feeling like doing anything.
I have studied a lot more on SeaWorld trainers/training and orca captivity and I'm beginning to have my own opinion on things. I use to just think/quote whatever other people believed or what Blackfish said.
Like, now I don't disagree 100% with SeaWorld because I have some my own views on them now. :)
But don't get me wrong, I'm not a supporter of SeaWorld or any business with captive orcas/dolphins.

Anyway, this week I've also taken some pictures, and today I took some and decided to edit them with Morgan's Lightroom 4.
The above picture and the below are the ones I edited. :)

BURNING REEEEDDDD! ~ Taylor Swift: Red.

Sophie deep in thought

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