Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer's coming

Summer is coming closer, the days are longer, and new adventures are beginning.

I have no idea what adventures this summer will hold, but whatever they'll be, I'll be taking pictures of them, :)

I have a mini summer list, but I don't know if it will actually happen:

  • Lots of swimming 
  • Road trips (California, Oregon, Canada?) 
  • Camping (!!!!) (I haven't camped in a long time) 
  • Hiking the trails of Mt. Rainier
  • Whale watching (My dad and I have talk a lot about this, but still haven't made our decision)
  • Start an art journal (!!!) 

That's all I've got right now, but more will probably be added. :D

Here are the pictures I've taken this week so far (not all of them, but some):

Daniel looks like he's eating, but he's just stroking his face trying to figure out a question. lol. 

What are your plans this summer?


  1. Oh, camping is so fun! Do you guys know where you're going yet? We're hoping to plan a trip, if it's not to late. :/

    1. No, we haven't really discussed where we'll go camping, I've just said, "We should go camping this summer!" and then it doesn't really get discussed. :-/
      Where are y'all planning on going?

    2. We're hoping to go to Cougar Rock, or maybe Wenatchee. Our chances of actually booking a trip this late in the year are looking slim though, so we might have to wait until next year. :(



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