Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 12th, 2015

Photos I've taken over the weekend (which was my dad's birthday, then the next day was Mother's day, and I only took one picture yesterday)
I'm going to post only one picture from dad's birthday because I took so many, and almost all of them were blurry. Dad wouldn't stop moving! lol.

Dad's birthday. (The card agrainst the gift was mine to him)

For Mother's Day, Morgan made a garland of pictures of us kids with mommy.

Morgan's card to mommy

Flowers I bought mommy. (This picture was purposely blurry)

Morgan's flowers to mommy

Matt was working until 2 on Mother's Day, so we waited for him to come back before we would let mom open her cards/gifts. While we waited for him, mom took a short nap and a shower, and I went outside and took pictures and played Smule on my iPad Mini.

I think I purposely made this one blurry too. 


Now for my daily challenge pictures:

DAY 9:

A pattern. 

Day 10--


And Day 11 was a self portrait. I took this picture with my iPad which is a TERRIBLE camera.
I don't like having pictures of myself on my iPad because I feel weird...I mean, I see myself enough in the mirror, I don't need to have pictures of myself too! lol! :D

Oh yeah, I saw a ribbon lying around so I tied it to my head. ;)

And today's challenge is taking a picture of food. 
I've only had breakfast so far, and while I was eating it I wasn't thinking to take a picture of it. All I was thinking was how bitter grapefruit is. :D
So maybe when I eat lunch, I'll take a picture. ;) 

What I've learned so far about taking pictures: 

I need to pay more attention on adjusting lighting and the focus when taking pictures. 

Things to learn this week: 

Learn more about ISO and Aperture. 

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