Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Blog post, new Blog design, and a new project

I redesigned my blog! Yay! :D
What do you think of it? Good or bad? 

So, this blog post will be about my new project, and my project is about photography. 
Earlier this year I planned that I would do some summer photography challenges, and since next month is summer (omg!!), I thought I could work a little on photography today. But before I show you the pictures, know that the only photography I've ever done was with my digital camera and the occasional photoshoot of Morgan with her camera, Perry. (Which is what I took the pictures below with)

Here are the pictures from today: (They are not edited)

My feet look weird here. lol!

Sophie wanted attention while I was taking pictures

He followed me around the yard. 


And I found this challenge, so I took pictures for that too. (I took 7 pictures today so I can get up to date on the challenge. :D) 

Here's the pictures:

Not a good pictures, plus I'm squinting. (It was REALLY bright)

A bold color
Our pantry door is glass...that count? ;) 

Black and white. The blanket has black and white on it, and the picture is in black and white. :D

This is the best zoom I could do with a 50mm lense. :-/

High angle. 

Low angle

What do you think? :D


  1. Cool! My favorite pic is the clock! Cool angle you took it at. Photography is really fun cause you can do a lot with it, be very creative. Are you going to do any editing on pics or mostly do unedited pics?

    1. I like that picture too! :D
      Yeah, I like it so far!
      I tried to edit these, but Picmonkey wasn't doing what I wanted, so I just didn't edit them.
      If I could use/learn how to use Morgan's Lightroom 4? 6? (I'm not sure) then I probably would edit them! :D

    2. Ah, i see. They look fine not edited i was just curious. Lightroom is pretty cool...i have never used it but i have seen stuff that anna edited on it that looks good.



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