Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Days until GA: 6

Today I thought I'd go with a story from when I was 6 years old, but first a quick history "lesson.":

My sister and I were going to a gymnastics in Dahlonega at the time, and we met the Davidsons there. 
Hannah and Abby Davidson both took gymnastics classes, but Abby was Morgan's age, and in the same class as her, and Hannah was two years younger than me and was not in the same class as me. 
But Hannah and I became buddies pretty much instantly, and eventually we ended up in the same class together. 

Hannah and I were very competitive with each other in class, but we never let that stop us from being the goofballs that occasionally got in trouble with our gym teacher. Unfortunately for our gymnastics teacher, who had to get onto us, we were the best in her class. :) 

Outside of class, though, we weren't competitive and we played Polly Pockets or annoyed the boy who ran the concession stand (my brother and Hannah's brothers were friends with the boy), and so on.
We, uh, also got in trouble a few times. And thus begins the story:

We were in girls bathroom (which was also the locker room) because it was the only place that had air conditioner and we were playing a game. Not with toys though. 
And in the game I was pretending I had a beard and was shaving it off. I was at the sink putting water on my face, pretending it was my beard, and was "shaving" it off with a paper towel. 
Then Hannah wanted to join in, and then things got a little messy with the water. 
Actually, really messy. 

Then we decided, "hey, there's water already on the floor, let's pour some more on the floor." 
At first we soaked paper towels and squeezed the water out of them on the floor. I don't mean we squeezed it in one spot, I mean we squeezed it over the entire floor.     

Eventually soaking paper towels became "too much work," so we cupped our hands and filled them with water and threw it on the floor. 

We did that until the entire floor was one giant puddle, and we added a finishing touch: Soap.
Then the real fun began. 

We started running and sliding across the floor, slamming into the walls, and pretending we were ice skating.

A girl (actually, one of Morgan's teammates) walked into the bathroom, but Hannah and I didn't even care. We just continued sliding across the floor, but then the girl left without using the bathroom, and I figured it was because she didn't like all the water everywhere.
But a few minutes later she came up and said, "Mrs. Shannon wants to see y'all." Mrs. Shannon was the owner of the gym and she was also Morgan and Abby's gymnastics coach.

We walked down the stairs, and Mrs. Shannon said, "I don't know what you guys were doing--" Hannah immediately pointed at me as if I was the only one who made the mess. But then Shannon continued, "--And I don't really care who did it, but you both are going to get the mop and clean it up."

And that, my friends, was the day I learned how to mop. ;)

P.S- Mrs. Shannon liked both our families, though, so she didn't hold our naughtiness against us, and she continued to allow us and our siblings to be the only kids that were allowed on the equipment even though we weren't in class. :)  

P.P.S-I didn't think about it until years later, but they probably sent that girl up there because water was dripping down to the downstairs area. Oops. ;)

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