Monday, November 23, 2015

Days until GA: 8

The next memory I have is a short one because it happened so many times I can't tell one from the other.

2013 summer:

Morgan's car, Bessy, was an older car and had no AC, and that is the worst thing ever in GA because summers are evil there.
And it always seemed like Morgan and I would make our library/Starbucks/grocery runs on, like, the hottest days of the year, which was not cool because we always took her car.
However, our "jam out sessions" made me usually forget that the heat was melting my skin. Which, by the way, I've had this conversation with a friend before and we decided skin would not melt. Just thought I'd share that bit of info there. ;) :P

What our jam out sessions were:

Turning Morgan's Taylor Swift CDs on and turning the volume almost all the way up and dancing to the songs...As much dancing as one can when they are strapped to the seat of a car. :)
We would sing (more like scream) at the top of our lungs too.
I feel bad for all the people that had to witness/hear our singing and the music blaring. Hehehe! :)

This is a tame version of what we looked like.  Haha! 

We have videos of our dancing/singing adventures, and I tried to find them for this blog post but I couldn't find them anywhere. :(

Can any of you guys relate to this story? :)

PS- I made a packing list for GA today!!

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  1. I don't usually listen to music in the car, but I do rock out while sitting at my desk so it would look pretty similar. XD



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