Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Days until GA: 7

March 2014. (Two weeks before my family moved to Washington)

Harry Potter.

The Johnson girls came over for a spend the night, because we wanted to spend as much time with them as we could before we moved.

That night, Callah and I prepared ourselves for a long Harry Potter marathon by making frozen yogurt cookie dough. :) No spend the night or movie marathon is complete without having something to eat that is terrible for your health, right? ;) :P

We started the first Harry Potter at 7pm, finished it, decided the cookie dough was making us sick, so we put it back in the freezer, then we started the second Harry Potter.
When the second Harry Potter ended, our tailbones were hurting from sitting for so long, and it was already midnight.
But no matter, who needs sleep when there are still movies to watch?  ;) Plus there was the cookie dough to give us energy. :)

But what about our tailbones? Well, after the second movie, I randomly jumped up and started running in place like the football players do, and urged Callah to join me.

During the third movie, our tailbones were hurting again, so we had to pause the movie multiple times to run in place. :)

When we finished the fourth movie, it was, like, 4 AM, so we decided to turn the movies off.
Then we "went to bed" which actually means we stayed up until 5 AM talking, then went to bed.

We made a lot of fun of the fourth Harry Potter, even though it was, like, our favorite one, and we have a lot of inside jokes about it. ;)

When we woke up at 9 or 10 AM, we ate breakfast and were going to start the fifth Harry Potter, but Callah had to go.

I made her promise not to watch anymore Harry Potter without me, and she kept her promise, even after I moved to WA.
Then a year later, her family moved up here to WA and her family decided to have a Harry Potter marathon and she broke her promise. ;) No worries, Callah, I forgive you! ;) :P

I guess it was better to watch it with people who don't constantly say, "That didn't happen in the book, what actually happened was..." or "Ugh, it was better in the book," and so on. :) ;)


So, I'm getting pretty excited about our trip to GA! I finally have an idea of what our itinerary will be while we're there, so yay! :)


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