Sunday, November 22, 2015

Days until GA: 9

In 9 days my family will be leaving for Georgia and I thought I'd do a post everyday until then.

What will I be posting about?

I'll be posting random memories I have of living in Georgia! Some will be short, and some might be long posts! :)

The memory I chose to write today is *drum roll, please* THE TWO DAY SLEEPOVER WITH OUR BESTIES. :)

So, in 2012 my uncle got married and the Johnson girls came the day before the wedding.
Why? Because Morgan, Sarah, and Anna wanted to dye their hair before the wedding (they were going to be the camera crew at the wedding) and all, so we invited all 3 Johnson girls to spend the night!
When the Johnson girls piled into our van we immediately were chatting away and laughing. :)

No idea what I'm doing with my face. hahahaha! :) Callah's looking at me like, "Ehhhhhkay." 

When we got home Callah threw her bags in my room and Sarah and Anna dumped their bags in Morgan's room. Then Morgan, Sarah, and Anna asked Mom to start dyeing their hair. Callah and I watched and laughed the whole time during the dyeing process. We were laughing because all three girls were, like, squealing and really nervous every time mom applied the dye. It was pretty entertaining. ;)

After their hair was dyed, Mom, Morgan, Sarah, Anna, and Yuliya left to go help set up the wedding. Callah and I stayed home. I don't remember exactly what we did. We probably swam in our pool, ran around the yard like horses, played dress up in the basement, and all that jazz.

That night Callah and I were on Netflix searching for a movie to watch. That took forever. We finally chose Heartland because we couldn't decide what to watch and because we'd never seen the show.
So we did. We watched many, many episodes while eating chocolate chips and cookies, and drinking coke. :) A healthy diet, right? ;) :P

The next day, Callah and I ate "pre-breakfast" (AKA chocolate chips and cookies), then we ate actual breakfast (waffles). Callah and I spent the morning running up and down the stairs to Morgan's room for various things and to watch the girls apply their makeup, then we took our showers, we put our dresses on, and did our hair.

At the wedding (before the ceremony), Callah and I helped a little bit, but there wasn't much we could really do, so we walked around the place, watched the bride get her makeup applied, did  a quick photo-shoot of each other, drank a good bit of punch, then seated ourselves in the chairs outside.
Then the wedding began, and it was really hot (It was an outdoor wedding, in the middle of summer, and there was no shade) but it was pretty.

Callah took this picture of me. 

Once the ceremony was over, it was time to eat, watch the cake cutting, and the speeches.

Callah and I left about an hour after the lunch, while the other girls stayed until late to help clean up and all. We thought that the Johnson girls were going to leave after the wedding, but by time the girls finished helping at the wedding it was too late to drive to the girls' house, so they spent another night!

When Callah and I got home, we immediately ditched the dresses and put our jammies on. Then we watched more episodes of Heartland. :) Mom called and asked if we wanted to go to the 10:30 showing of "Brave" with her and the other girls, but Callah and I decided we didn't want to be at a movie theater until midnight, so we continued eating cookies and watching Heartland. :)

The next morning I helped Callah pack up all of her stuff, then we drove them home. :(

I had a lot of fun that weekend! :) :)

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